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Craft your child school ready - Part 1

A child’s work is to play, and the more they play the more they learn.  Engaging in craft activities is part of the work of the child.  Taking part in craft activities from a young age has a wheelbarrow load of advantages.  In part 1 of this series we focus on how crafts aid in physical, cognitive, mental, emotional and social development in children.

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Craft your child school ready - Part 2

Children first become aware of different colours by somebody pointing out different colours to them. Later they are able to identify a colour. If you show the child a blue object, he/she will be able to select more objects of the same colour out of a box with many different colour objects. Next they will be able to name colours. Colour can be a very abstract concept because of the vast number of colours. It can take a child much longer to learn all the different colours. It is better to first concentrate on the primary colours red, yellow and blue, and then the secondary colours green, orange and purple. Only then continue to the more complex colours.

Children first learn to recognise specific shapes e.g. circle, square, triangle etc. Later they can identify, name and draw geometrical shapes. Let’s start crafting; building a house and garden with shapes of different sizes and colours.

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Craft your child school ready - Part 3

Part 3 of our Craft your Child School Ready series shows how play and your child's imagination can make impact your childs development enormously.

Who has heard of fairy gardens? The wonderful world where you invite fairies to come and live in your garden. You make a special place for them. A tree in which they can live, a little bench to sit on, a pathway to walk on. But, do they really exist? Who cares, they do in our imaginations. Why is it good for your child to engage in imaginative (pretend) play? Apart from the fact that it is part of the normal development of a child, it has many other benefits.

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