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Old “melkkan”

Black roof paint

An assortment of tiles


Small pebbles


Slim strips tiles (Mosaics By Lemaryn) or, make your own tiles

Craft glue



Two wheeled mosaic cutters

Glass scorer

Tile breaker

Brush for glue

Masking tape

Craft knife

Black grout

Rock Roses or plants of your choice

Karoo Calm (Melkkan)

From milk container to marvellous mosaic art!

Many years ago before the milk industry had become fully mechanised, milk farmers used to milk by hand into these containers.  Each farmer had to put out his containers for the milkman, who then transported these containers via donkey cart or an old lorry to the dairy depot.  Many of these containers can still be seen along the likes of Humansdorp and Ladismith where many people have repurposed them into plant holders or décor items.